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Servers, Networks & Backup Solutions

With a proven track record supplying server and network solutions to many Shetland businesses, GTS can help you find the right solution at the right price.

We know how important it is for businesses to have a reliable IT system, as well as the peace of mind that the data is being regularly backed up. Our team of IT engineers have years of experience in helping businesses like yours run more efficiently by taking the headache out of IT systems, leaving you to get on with what matters most to you.

What is a server?

A server is essentially just a computer that is connected to a network and can allow other computers on the same network to access it to save and share files and documents. There is usually some sort of scheduled backup in place, something GTS always recommend as part of any server install, and they typically have large storage, sometimes multiple hard drives to store data and backups.

How do I connect computers together in a network?

There are two options when connecting a computer to a network. It can either be done wirelessly, or you can connect a network cable to the computer. It is usually best to opt for the wired approach if possible as that will give you the fastest possible speed across the network, but there are times where wiring to particular areas is not practical and so a wireless link can be set up to connect computers wherever you need them.

GTS can advise you how best to set up your network, and we also offer a cabling service to run the network cables wherever you need them, giving you a one stop shop for all your networking needs.

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